Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Outfit snap

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So, now my boyfriend is in Japan with me and that means I don't have time to update here much. ( >< ) The weather has been horrible the last couple of days, so it has rained almost all the time. Yesturday we went for a short trip to Fukuoka and I wore lolita for the first time in a while! ( ^  ^ ) Tomorrow we are going to Hiroshima for a week. Exciting!

New wig

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I wrote that I got some new hair and a wig right? ;) So today I tried on my new wig and it is really pretty! ( *___* ) I think this wig will definetly become my new favorite. Really harry I bought it. Since it's hard to take photos of the wig withought my face, here are some wig-showing-selfies. XD
I went out for some shopping, really simply dressed, but some people still wanted to take pictures with me. Must be the wig! ( ^  3 ^ ) haha

Outfit and rant

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Lately it has been raining a lot. It's either a horrible rain or horrible sun outside, so going out is not so easy this week. I'm either wet or all sticky. ( >< ) So I haven't worn lolita for a long while and it is kind of sad... I really want to dress upp more but the weather! I feel bad for my dresses if I wear them out now. So, well I have been dressing in whatever other clothes I have, which is mostly gyaru. Since I bought a lot of stuff at Liz Lisa's sale that's a big part of my wardrobe now. haha
This is what I wore yesturday:
Most of the outfit is Liz Liza haha
For the second time in two weeks I have been scouted and offered a job at a hostess clubb... It seems that something in how I look is fitting in to the whole hostess image? XD I don't know, but I don't think so.
I also bought some new hair and a new wig recently. ( ^  ^ ) The clip ins are a bit darker tham my own hair but you can't really see a big difference when everything is in place. (I tink XD)
Not the best picture, but yeah.

Ouji accessory

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I have seen this video some time ago and forgot to share it until now. Every lolita - get your Ouji accessory now! lol XD

Lolita style evolution

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So, I did a thing!

I was deleting old photos from my blog and thought that it would be fun to do a photo collage from the past 6 years. I have been interested in lolita fashion for over 10 years now and I have been wearing lolita clothes for just as long. I don't think I have any digital photos from before 2008, so that's where my collage begins. The photos are not so great quality (specially the old ones), but I still think this was kind of fun. ( ^ ^ ) Looking back at what I was wearing long time ago really puts things in perspective. Not only did my style evolve, the lolita fashion evolved quite a bit dont you think? Sometimes I miss what is now called old-school lolita, it was more simple and less child-ish (compared to some lolita clothes now). But at the same time it is fun that the style has managed to stay alive and evolve through the years. I guess 6 years from now lolita will be pretty different from what it is now.