Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Never too many wigs

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I have been craving more wigs lately! I have 2 wigs with me to Japan this time and I really want more variety. I have found many wigs that I would love to buy but as always I am not rich enough! haha So instead of buying a wig I will share this awesome wig video. ( ^  ^ ) I always thought that gyaru wear one wig and/or extentions but this video shows that gyaru fashion has taken wigs to a whole new level.

Liz Lisa haul

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This Sunday I went to Fukuoka to meet with Viktoria, hang around and shop. ( ^  ^ ) It was a great day and the time just flew by. I managed to buy lots of random things, instead of buying some lolita items as I had originally planned. Truth to be told, the sale in Angelic Pretty and BABY was really dissapointing. Apperently it had started a while ago, so I guess many items were sold out. Things that were left were not worth buying or still expensive... so no lolita stuff for me this time. ( ;_____; ) Instead I bought lots of items at Liz Lisa, some at Ank Rouge, Onespo and Emily Temple Cute. I didn't have time to take photos of everything yet, but here are the things I bougt at Liz Lisa.
Mostly pink items haha
Everything was 50% off, but the total sum was still quite expensive. ( > < )
I really like these shoes! They are kind of metalic-glittery!
I bought two really cute cardigans but I guess that I will not be using them for a while, as it is really hot in Japan right now there is no need to wear one. XD

Last days of school

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This week is my last week of work and from next week I am on summer vacation! ( ^ w ^ ) It's nice to be free and all, but at the same time I'm not sure what I am going to do. This last week has been a bit hectic as I have had to finnish up all classes and other work related stuff. On Friday I am going to my first staff party, so that's something to be looking forward to. I am hoping I won't need to drink a lot and get sick or something... should be fine, I have told everyone I don't really drink so.
Also there are many festivals going on this month, so I hope to visit some and take photos.
And here is a photo of my face from my last coordinate, last week. I was really happy with my make-up and you can see my new circle lenses too. ( ^ ^ )

Simple cute coord

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This weekend is really hot! It's 30 degrees outside and the air is really humid. (  > < ) Therefore I didn't want to dress in lolita as it would have been way too hot. Instead I tried to come up with a simple but cute coord with the stuff I currently have with me. I think it turned out rather good! As I only took very limited clothes with me this time I am sometimes in trouble when choosing what to wear... soon I should get my paycheck and afford to buy some new items!
This coord mailnly consists of Milk, Emily Temple Cute and Angelic Pretty. ( ^  ^ )
Also I wanted to show my new shoes, so this time around I am wearing shoes in an outfit picture! haha
I got these for my last money since they were on 50% sale and I couldn't resist.
And of course a selfie~

A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Last weekend I worea simple 'a midsummer nights dream' coord. This time I didn't want to wear a wig, since it was hot outside and I was surprised that my natural hair looked okay with the bonnet. ( ^  ^ ) While I was wearing this coord I walked around the area where I live and went to the local shopping centre (again XD). There I got followed around by a creepy man, so I had to run and hide in a all-women store -  so he didn't follow me in. Luckuly he gave up after some time and I didn't see him on my way back. Sometimes there are downsides to wearing lolita ...
But on to the pictures!
No shoes as per usual, sorry. (I am not allowed to wear my shoes in the apartment and I am too lazy to bring them in,put them on,  stand on a plastic bag and then take them off again ><)
I think you can see the corner of the table on these pictures... whoops
I must say that I really like the two face-shots I took this time! (  ///   ///  )
This is also my second pair of new lenses. I have had this exact colour before and they were always my favourite! The green/orange on the lenses is almost excactly the same as my eyecolor, so it really looks natural when I put them on.

Shopping Service

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So, since I am living in Japan again I thought I should start offering a shopping service again. ( ^  ^ ) I can both buy items from shops and online, also this time around I will be able to offer a shopping service for Mbok and Yahoo auctions Japan.

I am able to buy from:

lolita shops like: Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose etc.

gyaru shops like: Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Mars, Axes Femme etc.

punk/rock/fairy kei shops like: Listen Flavor, Putumayo, Milklim, Swimmer etc.

Japanese candy, snacks, makeup or any other goods you would wish to purchase are no problem!


The commission will be a set price:

For shopping at online stores 200kr per order.

For shopping at an actual store 200kr + transportation fee.

As bidding at auction sites takes up more time the commission will be slightly different. When bidding at Mbok or Yahoo auctions Japan the commission will be as following:

15% of the entire order for purchases below 26 000 yen

10% of the entire order for purchases over 26 000 yen


I will be accepting Pay Pal and bank transfer to my Swedish bank account for these ordering from Sweden. For Paypal an additional 3,6% or the order price will be charged (PayPal usage fee).

Shipping can be either EMS or Standard Airmail.


If you are interested in requesting my shopping service for something, feel free to contact me. If you have a link to an online store, I can order the goods for you as soon as I get the payment. In case you are looking for an item in an actual store, I will check if the item is available or not, if it is available I will purchase it and then invoice you.


So basically, contact me and we will make a suitable plan for your order!

Yaegaki Hime - an antique adventure

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So today I went to the hospital, or 2 different hospitals in fact. Both of which were closed, so not much luck in going to see the doctor. ( > < ) At least I got a nice walk and also I went to look at some antique things in a small shop close to where I live. I had passed the shop many times but it was always closed, this time it was open and the owner was very nice. ( ^ ^ ) I looked around for a bit and found a really pretty doll. Since I don't have any money I wasnt sure if I should even ask for the price ( I thought that since the doll was pretty big, maybe 50 cm? and since it's an antique shop it was probably old and expensive), but I asked anyway. Turns out it cost 1000 yen, about 60 kr. HAHA! So I had to buy it! Since there was no price on the doll I am not sure whereas it actually cost so little or if I got myself a good deal. Anyhow, I am very happy!
I also did some research and found out that this type of doll is called Yaegaki Hime. This type of doll is named and modelled after Yaegaki Hime (princess Yeagaki) a character in the Japanese drama named Honcho Nijushiko - the 24 models of filial piety. The drama is a bit like Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending where Yaegaki Hime gets to marry her beloved one. The doll itself represents Yaegaki Hime in the moment when she is handing her husband his war helmet. It's really nice to actually know what type of doll I bought and awesome that it is not just a doll, but a doll linked with such a nice story! If you want to know more about the drama you can read about it here:
I learned that she is supposed to hold up the helmet after taking these photos, so sorry for the innacuracy.
She is made entirely of fabric, so the face and hands are not clay as they are in many other dolls. I got to know that she is about 30 years old and after I rescued her from lots of dust she is just perfect. <3
I believe that her hair and the hair on the helmet is horse hair as it does not feel synthetic.
There are really many details and all even the smallest parts are beautifull handicraft.
Her expression is kind off smug, isn't it?