Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

I moved

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Sorry for my long absence here on the blog, lately things have been kind of crazy. I have actially moved to Japan again! This time Im working in Kitakyushu. :) 

My computer just broke yesterday so Im updating from my phone which is really uncomphortable... I hope to get my computer fixed soon so I can update you guys more! Please wait for a bit. Sorry! ;____; 

Fashion snap

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I think I didn’t post these photos yet, so here are some old outfit photos at least. ( ^  ^ )
This is from about two weeks ago. The weather was so nice ans sunny and now it has been raining for over a week ( T___T )
Me and Paris the magnificent wannabe bag ( //^ w ^// )

Long time no post

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So… I haven’t been active here or a while, I’m really sorry! I have so much to do at the moment that I really have no time to dress up or anything. ( ;____;) I hope I’ll have more time next week or so, but I am not sure. Exams and other things are piling up and right now it’s definitely more than I can handle.




Todays coordinate

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Here is just a quick update of my coordinate for today. (^_^)☆ Also my new nails! 

Ill upload better pictures soon~~ (OvO)