Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~


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I havent been bloggin for a while now and since my parents will soon come to Japan to visit, I will probably not be able to blog for a while. I will therefore be taking a break in blogging, and right now I am concidering whether I should just close down my blog. We'll see what happens I guess.

Sailor moon

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Lately I havent done anything fun to write about, so I thought I would share some pictures of my Sailor Moon gacha gacha items. A gacha gacha is a small machine with lots of items inside plastic balls, you put some money in, turn a handle and out comes one of these balls with an item. In Japan these machines are really popular and there are very many different things you can get from a gacha gacha here. Since Sailor Moon Crystal is being relised right now there are many Sailor Moon gacha gacha to be found. Usually I can't resist a Sailor Moon gacha gacha so now I have collected a small collection of Sailor Moon goodies. ( ^  ^ ) 
I keep most of the items inside their original balls so I would not loose them, as my apartment is quite a mess right now. haha This is probably why I couldnt find the 2 small charms that didn't have a ball to be put in to.
( ;___; )
The heart locker is definetly one of my favorites! I am concidering turning it into a necklace at some point.
The Chibi Usa figure was a gift from a friend and luckely I got Usagi from just one try! I would love to have all the figures, but sadly the items in the gacha gacha machines are very fast replaced and now I can't find this series of figures.
This is my latest gacha gacha figure. I have never seen a Tuxedo Mask gacha gacha before, so I had to try it out. There are some variation to his poses and they all come with a quote. My Tuxedo Mask is supposedly holding Sailor Moon in his arms and asking "are you OK?!?" XD
I hope I'll see more Sailor Moon gacha gacha around! ( ^ w ^ )