Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

More Day Dream Carnival

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Since I am too slow at updating as per usual, I will first upload the photos from last weekend and later update about this weekend. Sorry! I didn't doo too much this weekend anyway... so here are camera photos from when I wore Day Dream Carnival last Saturday. ( ^  ^ ) 3 of 4 pictures are actually just my face, so I'm sorry about that. Couldn't choose between these 3 selfies so I decided to post all of them. haha
Looking at the camera~
Looking up~
And looking at the camera and smiling XD pretty much same pose haha
And here is my whole outfit -the shoes as I can't wear shoes incide.
I have just noticed that I accidently water marked this picture twice. Whoops!

Weekend again

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The weekend has come and gone again. I must say that 2 days off from work is not enough time to get rested out, but at least I had time to dress up one day and to clean my apartment the other. 

On Saturday I dressed up and went for a walk around the city. I got me some Starbucks coffee and accently walked in to a mini-concert the group "Da Ice" was having at a shopping mall. I have never heard of this group before, but it turned out to be a boy band like many others. It was a bit fun to watch them jump and dance and when the concert was over many people turned to me for photos. I actually had my own line of people waiting for their turn to take a picture. Haha xD I thought it was a good opportunity to make friends, so I tired to talk to the people taking pictures, they were all friendly but no one said more than the basic 'hello, so cute, etc'. Well at least I tried... ( > < ) 

Here is my outfit and a face-shot: 

Pretty basic Day Dream Carnival coord. I didnt bring much lolita clothing with me this time around, so Im trying my best to dress up using the things I got. ( ;____; ) 

Jacket and popcorn

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So... Its nearly weekend! Yaaaay!! Tomorow is the last day of work, the only bad thing is that I am going to the school far away from my apartment, so I have to leave home at 07:00. ;_____; I usually go by train and leave at 07:30, which is early but still ok. Having to be ready and out the door at 07:00 makes me sad and tired! Sighn...

Since I have very little money until my paycheck comes I have not been able to buy anything lately, but I havent shared the only thing I did buy yet. Last week I actually spent some money and bought a Liz Lisa jacket. (*^_^*) It was on a huge sale and only cost me 2000 yen. It is summer in Japan, but some days are quite chilly. Specially when it rains or in the early morning or evening, so a light jacket is still needed sometimes. ;) 

I really like this jacket actually, I think it might work with lolita too~~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 

Also some time ago I ate chocolate-banana popcorn. It was really tasty! On the weekends a small popcorn stall opens near my local grocery shop and they have surprisingly many popcorn flavors! Maybe Ill try the macha popcorn next time. :P 


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I was planning on updating about the weekend last week a long time ago, but I never had the time to do so. >< So instead of writing about this weekend I will write about last week now. 

Last week I had my friend Viktoria over from Fukuoka. (*^_^*) Both of us dont have any money right now so we didnt doo too much, but it was really fun anyway! We talked a lot, went to many shopping malls and took a walk past Kokura castle. It was really nice to go out and to actually have someone to talk to. Haha 

I have been in Kitakyushu for 3 weeks now and I still have 0 friends... It is okay while Im working since I can talk to other teachers and kids at school, but evenings and weekends are really lonely. I hope to meet some nice japanese people to hand out with soon. (>人<;)

Min outfit! :) 

Kokura castle is pretty big and pretty. :3

One of temples near the castle. 

This is a love temple! So the bell is shaped like a heart. <3 First time I have seen that actually. Pink and cute. ;) 

And here is a purikura of me and Viktoria. <3 Hope she comes to visit again soon! 

Lolita styles by Aoki Misako

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I found this cute video where Aoki Misako explains 5 different lolita styles and gives some tips on how to wear lolita clothes. This is a good video for anyone who is interested in different styles of lolita but is not sure how the styles are different and how to wear them. ( ^ ^ ) Hope you enjoy watching it~


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So...It has been about 2,5 weeks since I moved to Japan. It has been a little lonely here alone, but I have also jag some fun. This week is my first working week and I must say that I am enjoying my work a lot! The children är very fun and cute and all the staff in the schools are very friendly and kind. I hope nothing changes! (*^_^*) I do get tired after a whole day of teaching, but I also look forward to the next day and next classes. 

Japan is now entering the rainy season. It has been raining every day for 3 days now and today was really windy! I wonder if it could count as a typhoon... at least I think it can. XD The weekend seems to be rain free and Im really liking worward to it. (^ー゜)

Life in Japan

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So... my computer has been broken for about two weeks, therefore I couldn't update in a while. ( T___T ) At last it works again!
My life has been pretty hectic lately, as I moved and had to adjust to living alone and plus I had my teaching training course. Now that the course is over and I am beginning work tomorrow, which is prettyscary but also exciting. I am yet not sure what to expect, but I hope that it will be fun and educational - both for me and the kids. haha ( ^ w ^ ) I have no photos to share yet, as I have been running around the city without my camere, but hopefully I'll have something to show you guys next time.