Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~


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I was planning on updating about the weekend last week a long time ago, but I never had the time to do so. >< So instead of writing about this weekend I will write about last week now. 

Last week I had my friend Viktoria over from Fukuoka. (*^_^*) Both of us dont have any money right now so we didnt doo too much, but it was really fun anyway! We talked a lot, went to many shopping malls and took a walk past Kokura castle. It was really nice to go out and to actually have someone to talk to. Haha 

I have been in Kitakyushu for 3 weeks now and I still have 0 friends... It is okay while Im working since I can talk to other teachers and kids at school, but evenings and weekends are really lonely. I hope to meet some nice japanese people to hand out with soon. (>人<;)

Min outfit! :) 

Kokura castle is pretty big and pretty. :3

One of temples near the castle. 

This is a love temple! So the bell is shaped like a heart. <3 First time I have seen that actually. Pink and cute. ;) 

And here is a purikura of me and Viktoria. <3 Hope she comes to visit again soon! 


  • Viktoria säger:

    I want to come visit again soon!! I'll save up some money :D It was so nice to hang out again! (random på engelska lol)

    Svar: YESSSS!! Kom igen snart ;____; (random på svenska :P)

    2014-06-15 | 15:56:02

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