Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Jacket and popcorn

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So... Its nearly weekend! Yaaaay!! Tomorow is the last day of work, the only bad thing is that I am going to the school far away from my apartment, so I have to leave home at 07:00. ;_____; I usually go by train and leave at 07:30, which is early but still ok. Having to be ready and out the door at 07:00 makes me sad and tired! Sighn...

Since I have very little money until my paycheck comes I have not been able to buy anything lately, but I havent shared the only thing I did buy yet. Last week I actually spent some money and bought a Liz Lisa jacket. (*^_^*) It was on a huge sale and only cost me 2000 yen. It is summer in Japan, but some days are quite chilly. Specially when it rains or in the early morning or evening, so a light jacket is still needed sometimes. ;) 

I really like this jacket actually, I think it might work with lolita too~~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 

Also some time ago I ate chocolate-banana popcorn. It was really tasty! On the weekends a small popcorn stall opens near my local grocery shop and they have surprisingly many popcorn flavors! Maybe Ill try the macha popcorn next time. :P 


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