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Weekend again

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The weekend has come and gone again. I must say that 2 days off from work is not enough time to get rested out, but at least I had time to dress up one day and to clean my apartment the other. 

On Saturday I dressed up and went for a walk around the city. I got me some Starbucks coffee and accently walked in to a mini-concert the group "Da Ice" was having at a shopping mall. I have never heard of this group before, but it turned out to be a boy band like many others. It was a bit fun to watch them jump and dance and when the concert was over many people turned to me for photos. I actually had my own line of people waiting for their turn to take a picture. Haha xD I thought it was a good opportunity to make friends, so I tired to talk to the people taking pictures, they were all friendly but no one said more than the basic 'hello, so cute, etc'. Well at least I tried... ( > < ) 

Here is my outfit and a face-shot: 

Pretty basic Day Dream Carnival coord. I didnt bring much lolita clothing with me this time around, so Im trying my best to dress up using the things I got. ( ;____; ) 


  • Viktoria säger:

    Så fin du är alltså! Jag älskar den där peruken verkligen

    Svar: Tack så mycket! Ja, den är fin! ( ^ w ^ )

    2014-06-22 | 08:28:05

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