Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Life in Japan

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So... my computer has been broken for about two weeks, therefore I couldn't update in a while. ( T___T ) At last it works again!
My life has been pretty hectic lately, as I moved and had to adjust to living alone and plus I had my teaching training course. Now that the course is over and I am beginning work tomorrow, which is prettyscary but also exciting. I am yet not sure what to expect, but I hope that it will be fun and educational - both for me and the kids. haha ( ^ w ^ ) I have no photos to share yet, as I have been running around the city without my camere, but hopefully I'll have something to show you guys next time.


  • Kami säger:

    ÅÅHHH vad skönt att den funkar igen och att de bara var sladden! YAY <3

    Svar: Ja! ;____;

    2014-06-02 | 22:50:05

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