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The last couple of days I have been feeling a little sick, I think I am getting a cold. ( >< ) I have been really tired lately so therefore I have not updated in a while, sorry! Today I thought I would share some photos of my latest kimono purchase.
I bought this kimono when I went to Hiroshima, at a small second hand/vintage kimono shop. This kimono type is referred to as a Houmongi and it is a formal kimono, worn by married women to special occasions. There are some exceptions thou and at some occasions this kimono can be worn even by unmarried women. In my case I wanted to wear a kimono to the school ending ceremony. The formal teachers wear for the occasion is usually a Houmongi kimono+hakama, but since I am not really a techer-teacher I think I will skip the hakama - just because I don't really like these pants. haha! So since everyone else will be wearing a Houmongi kimono I feel that it would be kind of out og place for me to come there dressed in a Furisode (the formal kimono for unmarried women).
On to the pictures!
Basicly a Houmongi kimono has a pattern only on the sleeves, bottom and on one of the shoulders. Patterns vary a lot, there are some seasonal patterns suitable only for a certain season and some that are suitable to be worn any time of the year. I read that the color of the kimono is also tied to a certain season, purple/white/blue-ish being a kimono best suited for wearing during winter. The graduation ceremony is in February so how lucky am I to have a purple kimono?
I bought the kimono, obi and the small bag separetly but I feel that I have done a good job on matching all three! On formal occasions the obi is supposed to be a Fukuro obi with golden stiching. I searched a long time to find an obi that I felt matched the kimonos color. I am not sure you can see it well, but the obi is basicly golden and has pink/green/purple/white flowers stiched on. I think it goes really nice with the motive on the kimono. ( ^ ^ ) 
As for the bag, the most formal one is always of gold or silver color. I got this one on sale for really cheap, but I thonk it is really beautiful. It is decorated with mother pearl. Really shiny! Ihope the flowers (looks like sakura right...) are not too summery for my winter outfit.
Here is a detail shot of the obi. I spy some plum blossoms on there, perfect for the winter theme as the plum blossoms in January-February in Japan.
I still need to buy ghetas and all the strings you need to put the kimono/obi on, since all these items are left at home in Sweden. I really want to buy some new every-day kimono to wear soon too! ( ^ ^ )


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