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A Midsummer Night's Dream - small photoshoot

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When I tried on my new Midsummer Night's Dream JSK I couldn't miss the opportunity to take some pictures outside. It is still cold in Sweden but there have been some sunny, spring-like days too. I was lucky with the weather that day and even found a blooming tree! ( ^ w ^ )
Here are my favorite pictures taken on that day.
We don't have too many places for good pictures in Lund, so it seems that every time I wear slightly more gothic lolita I end up taking pictures near/with the cathedral. haha
The tree hasn't really bloomed out yet, but it's buds were big and white and pretty anyway. ( ^ ^ )
This is my favorite picture! I had to stare directly into the setting sun, which hurt my eyes but made my lenses kind-of glow in an orange-ish color. 
I hope it gets warmer soon. Even though it is spring the weather is still cold and the wind even colder. ( >< ) I really long for summer, when I don't have to wear a jacket and freeze anyway.


  • Kiwi säger:

    Beautiful outfit!

    Svar: Thank you <3

    2014-05-09 | 21:01:42

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