Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Simple cute coord

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This weekend is really hot! It's 30 degrees outside and the air is really humid. (  > < ) Therefore I didn't want to dress in lolita as it would have been way too hot. Instead I tried to come up with a simple but cute coord with the stuff I currently have with me. I think it turned out rather good! As I only took very limited clothes with me this time I am sometimes in trouble when choosing what to wear... soon I should get my paycheck and afford to buy some new items!
This coord mailnly consists of Milk, Emily Temple Cute and Angelic Pretty. ( ^  ^ )
Also I wanted to show my new shoes, so this time around I am wearing shoes in an outfit picture! haha
I got these for my last money since they were on 50% sale and I couldn't resist.
And of course a selfie~


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