Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Liz Lisa haul

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This Sunday I went to Fukuoka to meet with Viktoria, hang around and shop. ( ^  ^ ) It was a great day and the time just flew by. I managed to buy lots of random things, instead of buying some lolita items as I had originally planned. Truth to be told, the sale in Angelic Pretty and BABY was really dissapointing. Apperently it had started a while ago, so I guess many items were sold out. Things that were left were not worth buying or still expensive... so no lolita stuff for me this time. ( ;_____; ) Instead I bought lots of items at Liz Lisa, some at Ank Rouge, Onespo and Emily Temple Cute. I didn't have time to take photos of everything yet, but here are the things I bougt at Liz Lisa.
Mostly pink items haha
Everything was 50% off, but the total sum was still quite expensive. ( > < )
I really like these shoes! They are kind of metalic-glittery!
I bought two really cute cardigans but I guess that I will not be using them for a while, as it is really hot in Japan right now there is no need to wear one. XD


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