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Hiroshima part 4 - Miyajima - 2

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Here comes the second part of my trip to Miyajima. ( ^  ^ )
After walking around the Itsukushima shrine on the shore, we went climbing hills in order to get to the other shrines and temples located around the island. The nature was really beautiful, lots of greenery and flowers everywhere.
Here you can see me climbing upwards. ( ^  ^ ) The hills were not so steep, but after a while it did get a bit tiering to climb. The day was pretty cloudy, which was great, since Japanese summer is so hot and humid. At least with all the clouds blocking the sun it wasnt as bad with all the motion as it could have been. haha
While climbing up there were many great sceneries over the town. Most of the houses located there are pretty old, so they blend in with the scenery and the temples really well. Away from the Itsukushima shrine it was really quiet and there were almost no people around, making the walking around experience a bit spooky.
On the way up to a shrine I found this guy chilling under a tree by the road. I must say that seeing a male deer with horns was a bit more scary that seeing these small feemale deers I saw on the shore. This was in the middle of a forest, with no people around so I was a little afraid he might be agressive. But this deer was just as friendly as any other, he just layed there and let me sneak up and take his picture. I didn't dare to come too close thou... XD
After climbing for about 20 minutes we finally came to a shrine! In Japan, if you take your shoes off you can go inside most of the temples to pray or just walk around. Some temples forbid taking pictures inside and some don't. Here there were no people and no signs, so of course I took lots of pictures. Also since tere was no fence or anything the objects you see on the photo could be touched. I tried holding the staff on the lef and it was really heavy! I wonder how monks walked around carrying it all day... if they did carry it around (I dont actually know).
This has to be my favorite picture from the Miyajima trip! XD
Found this guy outside the shrine and while I am not sure what kind of deity he is, he is really cute.
I mean, look at his face!
Everytime I look at this photo I can't help giggle a bit.
Guess this is all for this post, a part 3 post is coming up and it will be the last post with photos from Miyajima.


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    Aawww deer var ju supersöt! Han bara yoooo....
    Hahahahahaha dat fejs! <3

    2014-10-31 | 19:36:22

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