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Hiroshima part 3 - Miyajima - 1

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I feel that I am uploading the pictures from my Hiroshima trip rather slowly, but better late then never right? XD
Today I thought I will share some photos from Miyajima - a small island outside of Hiroshima. The island's real name is Itsukushima but it is widely known under the name of Miyajima, which in Japanese means "shrine island". It was given this name is mainly due to the popularity of the Itsukushima shrine, located on the island (along side with many other shrines and temples). The Itsukushima shrine is supposedly really old, and it is part of the UNESCO world heritage list. The shrine is built on water and is really beautiful while there is a high tide, sadly I went there in low tide weather... One of the most famost parts of the Itsukushima shrine is the huge tori (gate) that stands in the water in front of the shrine, welcoming guests to the island.
This photo is taken on the mainland before boarding the ferry to Miyajima. You can see the island from afar, it's pretty small, but has tons of history to it.
After riding the farry for about 10 minutes we arrive to Miyajima! Now this photo is taken from the island back to where the ferry departs on the mainland.
The famous tori (gate) of the Itsukushima shrine.
You don't actually see it directly when setting foot on the island, but while being on the ferry it is clearly visible even from afar. When the tide is really low people walk to the tori to touch it, this is supposed to give you super good luck - as the tori usually is unaccesible, being able to touch it is very rare.
When I went to Miyajima the tide was rather low so there was no water beneath the shrine itself. This is a bit sad, as the shrine really looks beautiful floating on the water... It was still very pretty there thou, but smelled a bit seewea:dy.
The Itsukushima shrine consist of many buildings and smaller shrines. This was taken in front of a separate building, I must say I really like the angle of this photo. :)
On Miyajima island there are also really many deer, they are so used to humans they dont mind being petted at all. Just as in Nara the deer walk freely everywhere, begging for food and attention from everyone around. I have never petted a deer before, so while I could I was running around from one deer to another petting them all! ( ^ w ^ )


  • Kami säger:

    Wow! Det ser fantastiskt ut! Jag skulle vilja gulla med en deeeeer, men de hade fått komma till mig...kanske mata med något hmm...!
    Shrinen ser helt fantastisk ut! Supervackert :)

    Svar: Vi kanske har tur och kan åka ihop nån gång!! <3

    2014-10-10 | 16:48:56

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