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Hiroshima part 1 - garden&palace

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Here comes the first part of the Hiroshima update! ( ^ ^ ) While in Hiroshima I went to a beautiful Japanese garden called Shukkeien. It is located just 10 minutes away from city center, but is really quiet and peacefull. Somehow I didn't take so many photos of the garden, I guess I was too busy walking around haha

In the middle of the garden is this big lake. So the walking path is layed out around the lake and in to a small forest. Too bad you can see the random tall building i the backgroud... but since the park is located in such an urban area it was hard to find a place where no buildings were visible.
There were many small puddles and streams around the lake and lots of crabs in different colors and sizes! I sneaked up on this one fast so he didn't have time to crawl away.
I also found a really big grashopper (I guess?) It was 10cm long! It was not even afraid of me and didn't hop away even thou I was really close.
In the lake there was also many koi fish. ( ^ w ^ )
Close to the garden the Hiroshima castle is located. It is pretty big, bigger than I had expected! I went there on a weekday so there were almost no people there.
The sad thing about almost all the castles in Japan is that almost all of them are reconstractions. Hiroshima castle got first destroyed in fire and then in World War 2. It is really nice that they rebuilt the castle, but it is a bit sad that noting is original.
Inside the castle there are some exhibitions about the castles history and you can go up to the top and look out over the city. I didn't take any pictures while up there thou. ( >  < )


  • Mattias Persson säger:

    Aaah! So much awesome!

    Hoppas du har det bäst i Japan, går det bra att jobba? Har du lärt dig mycket sedan du flyttade?

    Började precis plugga Japanska på Lunds Universitet, kanske kommer och hälsar på nån gång ;D


    Svar: Oh vad kul! :) Hoppas du trivs där.Det går bra att jobba, men man blir trött av alla barn som drar i en ibland haha Fast det är riktigt kul också. :D

    Kom gärna och hälsa på! Jag är helt ensam här... riktigt trist. :(

    2014-09-09 | 00:36:17

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