Gaijin lolita i Fukuoka~

Fukuoka lolita day

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On Saturday I went to Fukuoka (first time in 2 month XD) and met up with some lolita friends. ( ^ w ^ ) I was supposed to meet only one girl, but we run into other friends all the time and ended up being 4 lolitas running around the city together. Mostly we went around cute shops and talked, but we also took lots of purikura and ate cake. Too bad I didn't bring my camera... so I only have photos from my phone and purikura. (Except for one head shot that I managed to take at home before heading out in the morning haha)
Me and my friend twinned BABY's bon bon chocolate series. ( // ^  ^ // )
The other two girls twinned crystal dream carnival, so we ended up being 2 pairs of twins!
All purikura booths had really cute halloween themed stamps and backgrounds.
Right now everything in Japan is halloween themed XD
I am really envious at how good japanese people are at decorating purikura. This decoration looks so cute! Much cuter than the ones I did. ( >< )
Here is a photo of my face/makeup. I feel that I don't wear these bunny ears as much as I should... at least now they really went well together with the halloween spirit! ( ^  ^ )
While hanging out with everyone I learned that lolitas in Fukuoka often use this fitting room to take outfit pictures. It is located in the toilet on one of the floors at Tenjin Core and even thou I have been there many many times I never noticed it. Now I know where to find good lightning for future photos. ;)


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