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STOP - Stalker time! ;)

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Today was really nice weather and I needed to buy some groceries so I decided to take a walk to Aeon - my local shopping center. Since it's Saturday I decided to dress up. I don't have any picture of my first outfit, but it was pretty simple, a long a-bit see-thrugh dress and a corsett. I was a bit concerned that I would draw too much attention but I thought that I deserved to look good at least once a week. So I went out and 5 minutes laket when I walked past my local train station I got a stalker after me. ( >< ); He walked after me for about 10 minutes before I gave up the idea of going further. The route I take when I walk to Aeon is pretty far out in nowhere so I didn't want to risk walking there alone with this dude... I pretetded to talk to someone on the phone and then turned back and walked to the train station. The stalker dude followed and dissapeared somewhere along the way, reapearing 5 minutes later. He then walked with me for ten 10 more minutes and finally talked to me and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him, I said no of course and thankfully he understood and walked away. Phew! I went home to change clothes and I think he didn't follow me anymore. On the way home (5 minutes walk) I got hit by another random guy. LOL I got changed (still wearing my corsett because I really wanted to!) and went out again only to be hit on by a third man while waiting to cross the street. Man what a day. For me it seems hard to even go grocery shopping. HAHA
Here is a not-so-good photo of my second outfit. ( ^ ^ )
And today I actually bought something! YAY
Claires had a sale, so I bought thewe cute ribbons I have been looking at forever now. XD


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