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Yaegaki Hime - an antique adventure

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So today I went to the hospital, or 2 different hospitals in fact. Both of which were closed, so not much luck in going to see the doctor. ( > < ) At least I got a nice walk and also I went to look at some antique things in a small shop close to where I live. I had passed the shop many times but it was always closed, this time it was open and the owner was very nice. ( ^ ^ ) I looked around for a bit and found a really pretty doll. Since I don't have any money I wasnt sure if I should even ask for the price ( I thought that since the doll was pretty big, maybe 50 cm? and since it's an antique shop it was probably old and expensive), but I asked anyway. Turns out it cost 1000 yen, about 60 kr. HAHA! So I had to buy it! Since there was no price on the doll I am not sure whereas it actually cost so little or if I got myself a good deal. Anyhow, I am very happy!
I also did some research and found out that this type of doll is called Yaegaki Hime. This type of doll is named and modelled after Yaegaki Hime (princess Yeagaki) a character in the Japanese drama named Honcho Nijushiko - the 24 models of filial piety. The drama is a bit like Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending where Yaegaki Hime gets to marry her beloved one. The doll itself represents Yaegaki Hime in the moment when she is handing her husband his war helmet. It's really nice to actually know what type of doll I bought and awesome that it is not just a doll, but a doll linked with such a nice story! If you want to know more about the drama you can read about it here:
I learned that she is supposed to hold up the helmet after taking these photos, so sorry for the innacuracy.
She is made entirely of fabric, so the face and hands are not clay as they are in many other dolls. I got to know that she is about 30 years old and after I rescued her from lots of dust she is just perfect. <3
I believe that her hair and the hair on the helmet is horse hair as it does not feel synthetic.
There are really many details and all even the smallest parts are beautifull handicraft.
Her expression is kind off smug, isn't it?


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